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I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor, co-director of the Digital Society Initiative and the PhD Program Coordinator in the Department of Information Systems at the W. P. Carey School of Business of Arizona State University. I obtained my Ph.D in Management Information Systems at the Fox School of Business, Temple University, under the guidance of Dr. Paul A. Pavlou. Prior to my academic career, I have worked at China International Capital Corporation, a large investment bank in China. Besides research and teaching as a faculty member, I am or have been an external research scientist for a number of companies, including Freelancer, fits.me, Yamibuy, Meishijie (美食杰), Ports America, and Picmonic.

My research interests are in the areas of Sharing Economy, Online Platforms, and User-generated Content. Specifically, my dissertation work focuses on understanding online labor markets (e.g., Freelancer.com). My research has been published in journals such as Information Systems Research, Management Information Systems Quarterly, Management Science, Journal of the Association for Information Systems and Journal of Consumer Psychology. My work has been supported by grants from the NET Institute (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), the Department of Education (2011, 2013, 2015), as well as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2016-2018). My research has been awarded ACM SIGMIS Best Dissertation Award and runner-up INFORMS ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award. My papers have won best paper awards at the International Conference on Information Systems, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, and America's Conference on Information Systems.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading books and writing codes. I am an avid Emacs user, a typography enthusiast, and mechanical keyboard lover.

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News and Highlights (since 2015)

8/2017: Two papers accepted for presentation at ICIS 2017.
7/2017: Bin Gu, Raghu Santanam and I are organizing a "Future of Work" Conference, details are updated here.
7/2017: Project with Chen Liang and Bin Gu on identifying home bias in online employment received the NET Institute Summer Grant.
6/2017: Gave a presentation at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Conference about the Gig economy.
5/2017: Great news! Paper with Pei-yu Chen and Ying Liu on the value of multi-dimensional rating systems accepted for publication at Management Science!
4/2017: Received notice today that my proposal for the "Future of Work" Pioneering Ideas Grant for $120,024 is awarded funding!
4/2017: Great news! Really excited and honored to receive the W. P. Carey School Faculty Research Award today!
4/2017: Research with Paul A. Pavlou on the gig economy and the flat world hypothesis featured in ASU Now.
3/2017: Joined a team to design a W. P. Carey School-wide business analytics class - and have been chosen to deliver the inaugural two sections next fall!
3/2017: Giving a research talk at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, ASU. Check it out here.
3/2017: Research with Ni Huang (Temple) and Gord Burtch (UMN) featured in ASU Now.
2/2017: Gave a research talk on the dynamic effect of review dimensionality on helpfulness at the Information Systems Research Workshop held at ASU.
2/2017: Giving a research talk at Fox School of Business, Temple University.
1/2017: Paper with Paul Pavlou on buyer selection of service providers in online labor markets accepted for publication in Information Systems Research.
1/2017: Paper with Chen Liang and Bin Gu won the Best Paper Award at Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).
11/2016: Paper with Nina Huang and Gord Burtch on the effect of social network integration on users' content contribution behaviors (volume and linguistic features) accepted for publication in MIS Quarterly.
11/2016: Paper with Gord Burtch, Ravi Bapna and Vlad Griskevicius on stimulating users to contribute online reviews accepted for publication in Management Science.
10/2016: Paper with Paul Pavlou, Nan Shi and Kanliang Wang on the optimal design of social referral systems accepted for publication in MIS Quarterly.
10/2016: LSE Business Review published my blog post on ride sharing and traffic congestion. Read the blog post here.
10/2016: Gave a talk at Uber PHX corporate office today. Check it out here.
10/2016: KCBS interviewed our research team about our study on the effect of ride sharing on traffic congestion this morning.
9/2016: CBS5 interviewed our research team about our paper on the effect of ride sharing on traffic congestion. Read the coverage here.
9/2016: ASU Now interviewed Dr. John Zhang, Ziru Li and I about our new paper on the effect of ride sharing on traffic congestion. Read the story and paper.
9/2016: Research on gig economy picked up by Phoenix Business Journal.
9/2016: Great news! Five papers accepted at HICSS'16! Hope to see you in Hawaii.
8/2016: Great news! Two papers accepted at INFORMS CIST'16 and two in INFORMS Annual Meeting! Hope to see you in Nashville.
8/2016: Great news! Three papers accepted at ICIS'16!
7/2016: Great news! New paper coauthored with Chen Liang and Bin Gu on how IT-enabled monitoring feature addresses moral hazard issues for time-based contracts in online labor markets received a NET Institute Summer Grant , read the paper here.
6/2016: Awesome news, my son Evan Nathan Hong was born on the morning of 6-15-2016.
6/2016: Summary of the findings from my Information Systems Research article featured in LSE Business Review.
5/2016: Great news! I was awarded Outstanding Teaching Award of Information Systems Department at ASU.
4/2016: Paper on how a consumer's cultural background shapes online review conformity and review emotion accepted for publication in Journal of the Association for Information Systems .
4/2016: Paper coauthored with Yuheng Hu accepted for presentation in Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2'2016) organized by Northwestern University.
3/2016: Paper coauthored with Ni Huang, Gord Burtch and Evan Polman accepted for publication in Journal of Consumer Psychology (Financial Times List). Paper link: See Here
2/2016: New experiment results with Meishijie mobile application accepted for presentation at SCECR2016.
12/2015: I have four papers at ICIS 2015 Fort Worth this year ICIS 2015.
11/2015: Paper with Ni Huang and Gord Burtch is presented in NET Institute Conference. Paper link: See Here.
11/2015: Project with Alvin Zheng and Paul A. Pavlou won a CIBER Grant Award.
10/2015: Presenting two papers at CIST 2015 Philadelphia this year.
9/2015: Paper with Alex Wang and Paul A. Pavlou accepted at Information Systems Research. Paper link: See Here.
8/2015: Paper with Ni Huang and Gord Burtch awarded NET Institute Grant.

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