Currently Teaching (2018 Spring): Problem Solving and Actionable Analytics

This is a W. P. Carey school-wide analytics course that I developed in 2017, as a newly-added required core course for all business majors. This is a very challenging course that is meant to stimulate students' original thinking and to provide a toolkit for them to analyze their hypotheses on real world problems. The learning goal of this course comprises:

• Understand different types of analytics approaches.
• Understand correlation and causality. Be able to design and analyze field experiments (A/B tests).
• Understand data mining and regression analysis.
• Understand simulation and linear programming.
• Understand data warehouse and dimensional modeling, i.e., the extraction, transformation and load process.
• Understand enterprise information architecture and data storage. Be able to write simple SQL queries to retrieve data from AWS MySQL servers.
• Understand the principles of visualization (based on Tufte).
• Understand decision making biases.
• Conduct a group research project that utilizes a methodology learned in the course to analyze a data set to answer an original research question.

Courses Taught at Arizona State University

WPC 300 - Problem Solving and Actionable Analytics

CIS 360 - Business Database Concepts

CIS 315 - Introduction to Business Data Analytics

Courses Taught at Temple University

MIS 2502 - Data Analytics

MRKT 3502 - Information Management and Marketing Strategy